Our areas of work are

multiple and varied.

Our assignments all have one thing in common:

They require a high level of technical expertise.

Investment bank

Setting up a Paas monitoring


Kafka | ZipKin | Elastic | Spring  | Java

Role: Senior Developer

Assignment: Development of a monitoring application for all the applications of the financing bank. With this platform, applications can collect, store & analyze their system & application data.

Key figures: 15000 msg / second, v1 online after 6 months

Investment bank

Implementing a Hadoop/Hortonworks

Data Lake

Hive | Spark | Hadoop | Kerberos | Spring | Java

Team: Architect + Senior Developer

Assignment: Architecture, Design and Implementation of a Hadoop / Hortonworks Data Lake and its ecosystem allowing applications to store and analyze their business data. Securing the cluster. Creation of a Data Core Team whose role is to provide guidance and support for applications.

Key figures: 100 secured Hadoop nodes


FullStack Web Development

Back Office & Booking Funnel

AngularJS | Node.js | php | elastic | MySQL



Rôle: Teach Lead, Scrum Master

Assignment: Full Stack web development of a suite of B2B online services for hoteliers (Back Office, Funnel Reservation, Distribution Manager). Tracking and associated analytics. Reporting and analysis of the traffic acquisition activity of “MetaSearch” partners.

Key figures:  24/24 & 7/7, 8000 Clients 


Architectural audit of a

technical platform

Apache | Tomcat | Oracle



Team: Technical Architect + Consultant

Assignment: Validation of architecture choices. Analysis of the platform’s ability to accept scalability and expected features. Analysis of the operating methods used to measure the activity of the platform, prevent malfunctions, analyze the causes and alert.

Key figures: 1000k read reqs, 350k write reqs , 22k access points in France

Stock Exchange

Implementation of an application

deployment solution from A to Z

ELK | Kafka | Ansible | VMware | Jenkins



Team: DevOps Architect + Technical Architect + Full Stack Developer

Assignment: Define, implement and manage the recommendations of a DevOps approach. Application of new processes and tools put in place as part of the relocation of the emergency data center (DR). Build on Demand from the virtualization layer to application deployment. Implementation of the technical and functional test strategy. Implementation of a Continuous Delivery pipeline.

Key figures: 50 applications, 20 artefact types, 2500 managed servers.

Retail bank

Implementation of a monitoring service

especially for troubleshooting




Role: DevOps Integrator

Assignment: Establishment of a monitoring service dedicated to the troubleshooting of the agency workstation. Collection of system, technical and application metrics. Correlation of indicators and construction of cross-functional dashboards & infrastructure giving the working condition of the application.

Key figures: 1000k messages processed per hour.

Financial Organization

Setting up

an operational Datamart

Flume | Elastic | Kibana | Dynatrace  | NodeJS 



Team: Architect + Senior Developer + DevOps

Assignment: Implementation of a “smart metrology” Datamart as part of our client’s Big Data program. Collection and reporting of SLA indicators for Ops and Business.

Key figures: 100Gb ingested/day, 8 Data Sources

Investment bank

Setting up an Xpert Performance

and CapacityTeam

WebSphere MQ | Oracle | Splunk | Java | C++ 



Team: Team leader + Expert performance + Expert monitoring + Architect

Assignment: Create and supervise a team of “Performance and Capacity” experts involved in benchmarking methodology, modeling and formalizing stress tests, defining and analysing indicators, identifying and implementing optimization actions. Provide support to project teams. Deploy a metrology solution.

Key figures: 7 critical applications, world-wide 24/7, reduction in processing times from hours to minutes.

SaaS Security Services Provider

Diagnostic and recommendations

oriented QoS and scalability

Load balancing | Apache | JBoss | Oracle | Puppet | Java 



Rôle: Architect

Assignment: Capacity Audit of production solutions in SaaS mode (PKI, issuing certificates, electronic signature documents and transactions, notarization). Associated recommendations.

Key figures: 19 applications 24/7, 400 signatures/minute, 20,000k certificates

Gaming and betting

Implementing & providing support

for DevOps transformation

ELK | Jenkins | Puppet | Foreman | Rundeck | AIX | DB2 



Team: DevOps Architect + DevOps Integrator

Assignment: Implementation and support of the DevOps approach from scratch as part of the IS mainframe migration to UNIX. Implementation of DevOps tools (continuous integration, provisioning of environments, implementation of technical and application metrology).

Key figures:  12 environments, 150 machines (LPAR/WPAR)