What should I expect?

What projects ? will I work on?

What about my professional development, my salary?

We answer your questions.

What kind of projects will I work on?

Prologism mainly offers two types of project.

The first type corresponds to long-term assignments (from 6 months to 3 years). As part of these assignments you will have the opportunity to deal with a subject in depth. In most cases, you will change subjects and roles during the assignment. By the same token, you will extend your scope of intervention, your skills and your responsibilities.

The second type corresponds to assignments of shorter duration (from 2 weeks to a few months). These are often audit assignments that we call “diagnosis & recommendations”. You will always work as part of a team in a “one-off” operation on an information system to identify the problem areas at the origin of the incidents, and recommend an action plan adapted to restore and maintain the quality of service of the system. These assignments can be carried out in parallel with longer assignments in agreement with our clients. They are always technically exciting, allow you to multiply your experiences and shape the team spirit.

Will I be working with other Prologists?

You will rarely be alone on your assignment.

A lot of Prologists work together, whether on the same team or in different teams for the same client. Gradually, according to your assignments, you will meet and get to know all the Prologists.

You will be regularly invited to Afterwork meetings with all the Prologists where you can have technical discussions but also just relax on a personal level over a drink.

What is the compensation model?

Prologism’s compensation model is specific and original.

At first, you will be employed by Prologism and will receive a fixed salary.

After a minimum period of two years, you will have the opportunity to apply, under certain conditions and on co-option, for the status of “future partner”. This status gives access to the capital of the company after a further two years. It is based on a variable compensation plan made up of an individual part and a collective part.

Two years later, you will become a shareholder of your company and will benefit from distributed dividends.

Will I be working in-house or at a client’s?

All long-term assignments, with rare exceptions, take place in our client’s premises.

Even if some assignments are fixed-rate, the main calculation method is time-rated technical assistance.

Regardless of the method, you will attach great importance to the satisfaction of your client.

Will I have my say in the choice of assignments?

Yes. The answer is clearly positive.

All departures or assignment rotations are anticipated in order to offer you new opportunities.

In collaboration with the General Manager and the Director of Operations, you will define your ideal assignment.

In most cases, you will be able to talk to a Prologist already at the client’s place of work. In this way, you will be able to get a very precise idea of the assignment, even if we think that it is the Prologist who shapes his or her assignment.

And if I want training?

Training courses are chosen or suggested by you or your contact at any time.

The choice of a training course, however, is based on simple principles.

It must be in line with the strategy and the technological axes retained by Prologism as well as with your personal choices of professional development.

The training course can be technical but also methodological or for personal development.

Will I have a manager?

There is no management structure per se at Prologism.

During your assignments, you will be in direct contact with our CEO, and sometimes with our CTO or Operations Manager. Always at your service, their role will be to help you to progress technically and develop your life skills,

they are also part-time consultants, with the exception of the CEO. They know your job, your constraints and your aspirations perfectly.